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What's @rveep mean?

If you sound it out, “rveep” can be heard as “our v-p.” I envision myself and my team as your silent vice president who helps get things done.

Thus the slogan: “our job is to make you look good.”

About Reed

I’m interested in putting my experience and talent to work for you.

I like to work on challenging, time-bound projects; leading, problem-solving and collaborating with a team. I’ve had several opportunities to do just this – the launch of in 1996 and of MSN Video in 2003; managing the publication of 48 hours of live concert video as on-demand clips for the Live Earth climate change awareness campaign in 2007; bootstrapping a team of freelancers to write blurbs 24/7 on trending stories for msnNOW in 2012; and supporting the “ground up” overhaul of in 2014 with outreach to advertisers. 

 I have a deep experience in a variety of formats: radio, web, video and social media.

Working at The Associated Press and gave me an abiding understanding of the importance of the journalistic principles of accuracy, clarity and transparency. I am a fast and skilled writer, a knowledgeable and respected editor, and a trusted supervisor. I’ve overseen newsroom operations during events like the fall of the Berlin Wall, Princess Diana’s death, the Sept. 11 attacks and subsequent wars, and many more, helped me sharpen a natural ability to calmly lead amid uncertainty and stress. 

I’ve also consistently worked with nonprofits. Among those projects: helping the Bainbridge Island/North Kitsap Interfaith Council launch an updated website, a Bainbridge Island historical church raise over $500k for renovations and Compassion Games and Charter for Compassion create, edit and publish content.

 (Detailed bio at LinkedIn)

I love the music of Leonard Cohen, the art of Wassily Kandinsky and this quote by Henri Frederic Amiel: “Our duty is to be useful, not according to our desires but according to our powers.